California Web Cams

While California isn't really part of the Northwest United States, I've included it on this site by popular request. In particular, emphasis is placed on web cams in Northern California and along the California Coast. Links to other cameras around the state are provided, however, this page is not trying to be an encyclopedia of every web camera in California.

Instead, think of it as the "best cams in California" and all cams on the California Coast.

Know of a good cam not listed? Or is a cam not working? If so, please contact me and let me know.

Last Update : 12/09/16


Central California Coast Cams

Coastal cams located south of the Bay Area but well north of Los Angeles.


Northern California Coast Cams

Coastal and road cams located between the Bay Area and the Oregon border.



California Road & Traffic Cameras

Below is a selection of various important and popular road and traffic cams in California. If you wish to see them all traffic cams in California - and there is many - visit the CalTrans site.

Note...California has taken a step backwards in the re-design of their highway cams. California, similar to the FAA Alaskan cams, is changing over how they present many of their web cams. For many cams - especially those in Central California and the Sierra's - it is no longer possible to view a particular web cam (cameras no longer have their own URL). Instead, the user needs to first view a large map and then hunt around for a specific camera to see the image.

Also, in a move that is quite strange considering California is home to Apple, Mac users will now need to install a special Windows Components plug-in, which isn't free, to view the videos.

Whether the entire CalTrans site is changing over to this new design, or if it remains for just selected highway districts, I'm unsure of at the moment. Since none of the previous links worked (for Mac users, at least), I've removed them and have just put in links to the "traffic maps" and, where applicable, links to the "mobile version" that California is now using.

All Western USA Road Cams


California Information

Online California

Visit California - Official visitors site for the State of California.

Ca.Gov - Official site of the State.

Yosemite National Park - Official government site for Yosemite National Park.

Death Valley National Park - Official government site for Death Valley National Park.

California Weather

Current forecasts from the NWS for : Eureka · Los Angeles · Redding · Sacramento · San Diego · San Francisco · South Lake Tahoe

Califiornia Travel & Reference Books

There's a myriad of California travel books available. But this list is a good place to start so you don't forget to take the most important books for a trip to the State of Washington. All available through Amazon.

Outdoor & Travel Gear on Sale

Here's some links to some good places to buy quality gear online on sale: